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Disclaimer: Members of this list share news and resources for (primarily Christian) homeschooling families in the greater El Dorado Country area. We acknowledge that people approach homeschooling with a wide variety of philosophies and teaching techniques. The goal of this list is to not exclude anyone, but rather to offer information and support to all who are interested in homeschooling. As the list managers, we reserve the right to edit or deny any emails or postings that seem off-topic or inappropriate (for example, no political or “for sale” items will be posted unless directly relevant to homeschooling families). Opinions expressed in messages forwarded to the group may or may not reflect our personal views. All replies must be directed to the member who submitted the email and not to the list managers. Occasionally, there may be an email that comes through this list that may cause some to take offense. If that happens, we're sorry. You will always have the right to unsubscribe, but we hope that you'll just choose to delete that message and continue on. What will not be tolerated is a flaming war and those email accounts will be black-listed.
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